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15 ways to make Adelaide a
National Park City

You’ve signed the Charter. Tick! Thank you. Your pledge is an important part of the journey to make Adelaide a National Park City. 

Are you now eager to take more action? We’ve got you covered with these 15 greener, healthier and wilder ways to help make Adelaide a National Park City.

Individuals, families, businesses and organisations, as well as schools and learning hubs can all play a role and take action to look after and connect with Adelaide’s environment.

What can everyone do?

  1. CONNECT: next time you’re outside, stop! Notice that family of screeching cockatoos in your local park, the bark on the enormous gum tree on your regular walk, or a bottlebrush tree abuzz with bees. This is the beauty of the wild. Go for a walk or take your meal outside and admire what’s around you. Ask a friend to meet you outdoors for a picnic or a walk.
  2. GROW: if you have a patch of soil to call your own (or a pot), then get your hands dirty by putting in a new tree, bush, or herbs. You can even look after mature trees and plants around you and on the nature strip outside your home. If there’s no way to avoid cutting a tree down, then plant a replacement tree or shrub somewhere else.
  3. HAVE A GO: promote and learn about the environment. Share photos when you connect with nature on social media with #AdelaideNationalParkCity #NationalParkCity. Feel empowered to look after your backyard, street, park or coastline by going to an event or joining a community group, or take part in a citizen science program like FrogWatch SA and the Aussie Bird Count
  4. DISCOVER KAURNA CULTURE:  take a walk on the Adelaide Kaurna Trail, watch the Tjilbruke story, learn some Kaurna words through the Kaurna Language Hub or find a local event near you to meet Kaurna elders and storytellers. 
  5. LIVE MORE THOUGHTFULLY: live your life with as little polluting and damage as you can. Use less plastic or single-use items, switch off lights in an empty room, and recycle

What can your business or organisation do?  

  1. CONNECT: encourage outdoor or walking meetings. Being outside promotes creative thinking and provides a refreshing break that’s proven to increase productivity.
  2. GROW: planting on your land can greatly make our city and your business cooler and greener. Carparks, walls, roofs and other spaces can all be greened, with the added benefit of looking great, attracting customers, increasing staff productivity and decreasing energy costs. If your business builds or designs Greater Adelaide’s streets and buildings, give those designs a stronger connection to nature.
  3. HAVE A GO: corporate volunteering, such as beach clean ups, can provide a team building experience and enhance the environment. Lead by example and show how your business/organisation can be a great demonstration for a National Park City. Contact Green Adelaide to find a pro-environmental opportunity to help. Or even become a philanthropist business that invests in others who need help to green their streets, parks and suburbs.
  4. DISCOVER KAURNA CULTURE: learn how to acknowledge the land you work on with these Kaurna language tips, or see how your business can support Kaurna-led businesses.
  5. WORK MORE THOUGHTFULLY: create a business that operates in a more sustainable way. For example, organise a waste audit with KESAB, seek more sustainable products for your workplace, recycle as much as possible (here’s some great tips), and choose renewable energy like installing solar panels.

What can places of learning (early, primary, high school and tertiary) do?

  1. CONNECT: so much learning can happen beyond the classroom. Take your children/students outside to connect with and learn about their local open space. Use the senses - what can they see, hear, smell, and touch. How many large tree and small shrubs are in your local area? Look closely, what creatures are living amongst the plants?
  2. GROW: encourage others to value and protect the local green space. Brainstorm that green space with questions like: If you didn’t have it nearby, how would that affect the surrounding area? Would it be a hotter place to live? Where would the animals live? Where could more greenery go?
  3. HAVE A GO: work together to create bigger outcomes. Find out about and connect with your school with local community food gardens or groups, friends of parks groups or look for volunteering or fundraising opportunities. 
  4. DISCOVER KAURNA CULTURE: engage with Kaurna people in your local community. How do they connect with and protect Country? What can you learn from them? Learn some Kaurna language by visiting the online Kaurna Language Hub.
  5. TEACH THOUGHTFUL LIVING: ask children/students and their families how they could contribute to a National Park City by living more thoughtfully. Could they grow their own food, use less plastic, make their own beauty products, or start composting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question that isn't answered here?
Is this just for the Adelaide CBD?
No. The proposed Adelaide National Park City covers all of Greater Adelaide. This includes northern suburbs like Salisbury and then Aldinga to the south, and Burnside to the east as well as Grange to the west, plus the city centre. 
What can I do to help?
One of the first steps to become an Adelaide National Park City is demonstrating support to the international National Park City Foundation. Please sign the Charter and share it with your friends, family, and colleagues.
I've got ideas! Where should I send them?
We'd love to hear your ideas, or your stories of related work already underway. Please send us a note here.
What is a National Park City Charter?
It is an agreement on a shared vision for the future of a city. By signing the Charter, you are demonstrating your support for Adelaide to become a National Park City. This is a key step required by the National Park City Foundation.

Why Adelaide?
Adelaide has been consistently rated as one of the world’s most liveable cities.

We have amazing food and wine, great heritage buildings, accessible coastlines, pockets of wilderness, beautiful hills and parks.