Artist impression of South Road as a National Park City. Cyclists commute on a divided pathway. Electric bus and electric cars drive down the road. A woman in a wheel chair and two men walk down the sidewalk. Solar panels cover the tops of some buildings. Another building has a rooftop garden.
Artist impression of South Road

About the initiative

Artist impression of South Road

What is a National Park City?

A National Park City doesn’t mean a place that has a conservation framework, like our usual national parks in Australia. The concept is borrowed from the UK, with London being coined the first National Park City in 2019.

A National Park City is a movement to improve a city’s liveability, through a better connection between people and nature.

Let's make Adelaide a National Park City to create a place where nature is part of everyone's lives – that's about 1.3 million people. Greater Adelaide will be a greener, healthier and wilder city, where people take action to be better connected with nature.

Benefits for everyone

South Australia is facing the challenges of urban infill, climate change and loss of natural habitat. We need to better balance city life conveniences with a healthy environment. Adelaide’s growth and prosperity depend on it.

A movement to become a National Park City will bring:
A global title – showcasing Adelaide on the world-stage as a greener, healthier and wilder city, where people take action to be better connected with nature.
Beauty of nature – there’s a lot to be said for how beautiful tall trees and flowering shrubs can look. Who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by nature? 
More employment and job opportunities – efforts to expand the number of green spaces we have around Adelaide, means more jobs are created to deliver the design, build and maintenance of these new green areas. 
Improved wellbeing and mental health – for people living in green, leafy neighbourhoods, the benefits can range from relieving stress and lowering blood pressure, to putting you in a better mood. People who live in green neighbourhoods are also more likely to get outdoors and exercise.
Healthier plants and animals – the more trees, shrubs and plants, the more animals and insects that can live amongst them, and create their own healthy and sustainable ecosystems.
Better air quality – trees and plants not only help to produce the oxygen we breathe, but they also help to filter pollutants from the air, making the air cleaner and healthier. 
Increased property values - property values in leafy, tree-lined streets are higher than those in comparable streets that are treeless. 

Steps to become a National Park City

We need to achieve five key steps according to the National Park City rule book to be crowned by the National Park City Foundation.

We hope to announce Adelaide’s submission to become a National Park City in late 2021.

Let’s put Adelaide on the global green city map.

Step 1

Be a suitable place


Adelaide meets the requirements of being an urban environment.

Step 2

Demonstrate public support

Your help is needed

Show your support by signing the Adelaide National Park City Charter.

Step 3

Create a vision


The Adelaide National Park City vision forms part of the new Charter.

Step 4

Gather input from a range of people and sectors


If you would like your sector to get involved in supporting Adelaide to become a National Park City please contact us.

Step 5

Establish leadership team


The Green Adelaide Board is a proxy-governance team.
The Adelaide National Park City Alliance will soon be established. 
Please contact us if you would like to get involved.

Engagement report

Creating Adelaide National Park City (PDF | 8.72 MB)

We asked Adelaide’s leaders and the community to help imagine how Adelaide as a National Park City might look. Download this report to read the result of over one thousand public comments, co-design interviews, workshop participants, and on-the spot community interviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question that isn't answered here?
Is this just for the Adelaide CBD?
No. The proposed Adelaide National Park City covers all of Greater Adelaide. This includes northern suburbs like Salisbury and then Aldinga to the south, and Burnside to the east as well as Grange to the west, plus the city centre. 
What can I do to help?
One of the first steps to become an Adelaide National Park City is demonstrating support to the international National Park City Foundation. Please sign the Charter and share it with your friends, family, and colleagues.
I've got ideas! Where should I send them?
We'd love to hear your ideas, or your stories of related work already underway. Please send us a note here.
What is a National Park City Charter?
It is an agreement on a shared vision for the future of a city. By signing the Charter, you are demonstrating your support for Adelaide to become a National Park City. This is a key step required by the National Park City Foundation.

Why Adelaide?
Adelaide has been consistently rated as one of the world’s most liveable cities.

We have amazing food and wine, great heritage buildings, accessible coastlines, pockets of wilderness, beautiful hills and parks.