Adelaide National Park City

Adelaide is Australia’s 1st National Park City and the 2nd globally

The international National Park City Foundation awarded Adelaide National Park City status in 2021. This made Adelaide the first city in Australia and second in the world (after London) to receive the honour.

Adelaide becoming a National Park City is the beginning of a journey to improve city life through everyday actions to enjoy connecting with nature and each other.

Adelaide National Park City covers all of Greater Adelaide. This includes Salisbury to the north, Aldinga to the south, Burnside to the east, and Grange to the west, plus the city centre.

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The Adelaide National Park City covers all of Greater Adelaide.

Benefits for everyone

Adelaide National Park City is a movement to improve life in Greater Adelaide.

The movement is for everyone to take action everywhere and every day to be better connected with nature and each other.

The movement will bring:

  • More beautiful natural places for everyone to enjoy.
  • Diversity in employment opportunities.
  • Healthier plants and animals.
  • Support for people's health and wellbeing.
  • Better air and water quality.
  • A global tourism drawcard for Adelaide.

Why Adelaide?

Adelaide has been consistently rated as one of the world’s most liveable cities, with amazing food and wine, clean coastlines, beautiful hills, iconic wildlife, as well as national and conservation parks, and local reserves. 

Our nature is special and unique, and we already have 30% green space, and diverse wildlife from 1,080 native plant species and 281 native species of birds, to 60 native fish species and 47 native mammal species, plus more than 58 species of reptiles. 

We also have a community with a love of nature. We know that 95% of Adelaide residents only need to travel around 400 metres to connect with an open, green area. 

Rewilding projects are being delivered to demonstrate Green Adelaide's commitment to help improve people’s connection with nature. Visit the Green Adelaide website to find out more.

All these actions and more contributed to the National Park City Foundation awarding Adelaide the National Park City status.

Adelaide National Park City Stories

We're collecting stories to illustrate what life in a National Park City would might be like. Lots is already happening in Adelaide, so we have stories of existing projects as well as speculative ideas of what might be possible in the future.
If you have an existing project we should know about or an idea for a future one, please send it to us so we can feature it here.

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Adelaide National Park City is a movement to improve Greater Adelaide’s liveability through a better connection between people and nature. It extends across the northern plains, eastern hills, southern vales and out into the marine environment.

Let’s all work together to create a cooler, greener and wilder Adelaide and beyond.

Let’s create a city that is rich with nature, and a place where people take action to be better connected with the environment and each other.

Marni ngadlu tampinthi ngadlu Kaurna yartanga inparrinthi
It is good that we all acknowledge we are living on Kaurna Country.

We are working together for better:
Thriving urban spaces for nature and people
Collective decision-making, learning and local action
Air, land, freshwater and marine habitats for plants and animals
Connections between people and nature, Kaurna Yarta (Country) and community
Health and wellbeing, diversity and inclusion
Climate resilience
Shared stories and celebrations

Sign the Charter

Sign this Charter to show your commitment to working together for Adelaide National Park City.

Thank you for signing! 

Your support is critical to help us make this happen. Please invite your friends, family, and colleagues to sign as well.

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Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA
Build a global consensus of support for cities that are livable primarily because our shared, common, outdoor spaces - all of them, inclusive of streets - are uncompromisingly of the quality of national parks.
Allenby Gardens
Use the verge for food plants to share within the community and planting for wildlife
Adelaide has fantastic opportunities to be a sustainable city, with increased trees and shrubs for more habitat and more shade to reduce temperature, pervious paving to allow water to reach tree roots and shallow aquifers, renewable energy options for households and transport. Expand the linear park to include the five creeks of the Torrens, increase cycle access, encourage shared transport, highlight the benefits of our unique location between the hills and the sea!
Kent Town
Emphasise the role for 'great' streets to be greened... and as anti global warming activists eg Rundle St Kent Town...for STREETS to be GREEN LINKS to National Parks...and encourage local councils and the community to participate as advocates for more green links.
City planning to help combat the extensive loss of habitats due to the disappearence of the suburban backyard to high density housing, small lots being completely taken up by large construction and councils penalising homeowners with high council rates for having large backyards. All build planning to also include an enviromental impact mitagation plan through including growing spaces for housing and flats as well as thought into creating accessible links for wildlife between larger wildlife corridors.

What if...

What if we restored nature wherever we can? What if everybody could lose themselves in nature without leaving the city? What if we shared more knowledge, ideas, tools and experiences to connect with nature? What if there was more space for reconciliation with Kaurna Miyurna (Kaurna People) and recognition that all living things are a part of Kaurna Yarta (Country)? What if more people grew their own food? What if there were more beautiful sights and sounds in the city? What if we thought more about those who will be living in the city seven generations from now? What if there was more celebration and spontaneity? What if we did more things to care for the people, places and nature we are interdependent with? What if we had more balance and harmony within ourselves, our city and our world? What if there was better communication and collaboration between all levels of government and community?

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