Aerial view of Adelaide looking down over the river torrens across the CBD and suburbs all the way to the hills. Parklands and trees feature as a vibrant green.
Image: Airborne Media

Let's make Adelaide

a National Park City

South Australians are concerned about the environment. Let's do something about it.

Cities don’t have to be concrete jungles, full of cold high rises and brick boxes sprawled out across the land.

We can think about cities differently. More green spaces, and alternative spaces like green walls and green roofs. Cities buzzing with nature from birds, bees and butterflies, to turtles and fish, and our iconic Australian animals. They have their habitat to live in, and we feel good and enjoy our nature connected lifestyle.

Now is the time to create a city where people live with nature, not against it. Let's make Adelaide a National Park City.

We need your help

One of the first steps to become a National Park City is demonstrating people support to the international National Park City Foundation.

You can show your support for Adelaide’s environment by signing the National Park City Charter.

By claiming this title, South Australia will draw local, national and international awareness, focus and investment to become an even more liveable city.
Artist illustration of life in a National Park City. A father and son walk along a pathway with a green wall in the background.

The proposed Adelaide National Park City area would cover all of Greater Adelaide.

Benefits for everyone

An Adelaide National Park City means all the conveniences of a metropolitan lifestyle, paired with looking after nature for our wellbeing. This means a focused community effort to bring:

  • The beauty of nature for everyone to enjoy.
  • More employment and job opportunities.
  • Further nature-based tourism opportunities.
  • Healthier plants and animals.
  • Support for people's physical and mental health.
  • Better air quality.
  • Increases in property values.
Artist illustration of life in a National Park City. Two women walk in front of green shop fronts with a cycle parking rack and planter boxes in the foreground.

Why Adelaide?

Adelaide has been consistently rated as one of the world’s most liveable cities, with amazing food and wine, clean coastlines, pockets of wilderness, beautiful hills and parks.

Our nature is special and unique, and we already have 30% green space, and diverse wildlife from 1,080 plant species and 300 species of birds, to 60 fish species and 40 mammal species, plus more than 45 species of reptiles.

We also have a community with a love of nature. We know that 95% of Adelaide residents only need to travel around 400 metres to connect with an open, green area.

With your support, Adelaide could be the next National Park City.

Bold re-wilding projects are being delivered to demonstrate support on-ground for Adelaide to become a National Park City. Visit the Green Adelaide website for more about them.

Adelaide National Park City Stories

We're collecting stories to illustrate what life in a National Park City would might be like. Lots is already happening in Adelaide, so we have stories of existing projects as well as speculative ideas of what might be possible in the future.
If you have an existing project we should know about or an idea for a future one, please send it to us so we can feature it here.

Pedalling Adelaide onto the world’s green map

Show your support for Adelaide to become a National Park City by signing this proposed Adelaide National Park City Charter.

The Charter has been created by Green Adelaide based on the Universal Charter for National Park Cities and in consultation with many of Adelaide’s local leaders from environment, industry and government sectors, Kaurna Nation, and more than 1200 community voices. 

Let's work together to create a cooler, greener and wilder metropolitan Adelaide. Let's create a city that is rich with nature, and a place where people take action to be better connected with the environment.

By signing this Charter, you will help build momentum for Adelaide to become a National Park City.

Marni ngadlu tampinthi ngadlu Kaurna yartangka tikanthi. 
It is good that we all acknowledge we are living on Kaurna Country.

Sign this proposed Adelaide National Park City Charter to show your support and commitment to work together to achieve better:
connection of people to nature
places for plants, trees, animals, and people
climate resilience
connection to places and community
natural habitats that enhance health and wellbeing
liveable urban spaces that are attractive to locals and visitors
connections to Kaurna Yarta and healing Country
collective decision-making and practical action

Sign the Charter

By signing this Charter I/we support Adelaide becoming a National Park City:  

Thank you for signing! 

Your support is critical to help us make this happen. Please invite your friends, family, and colleagues to sign as well.

* Please note that all signatures are moderated, so it may take a day or so for your signature to show up.

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Improved quality of life, increased biodiversity, reduced carbon emissions, positive economics.
A commitment to sustainability and places for families to gather.
Archbishop Pat
An outward commitment to sustainability.

Why not? We live in a city where we have this wonderful opportunity to make a difference and show the world that Adelaide (Australia) is listening. So let's do this for our planet; let's be the change we know we can be!

Surrey Downs
Cleaner air, preserving native biodiversity and reducing climate impacts.

What if...

What if we restored nature wherever we can? What if everybody could lose themselves in nature without leaving the city? What if we shared more knowledge, ideas, tools and experiences to connect with nature? What if there was more space for reconciliation with Kaurna Miyurna on Kaurna Yarta? What if there were more beautiful sights and sounds in the city? What if we thought more about those who will be living in the city seven generations from now? What if there was more celebration and spontaneity? What if we did more things to care for the people, places and nature we are interdependent with? What if we had more balance and harmony within ourselves, our city and our world?

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