Community voices

Community voices

Highlights from Charter signatories

Anita, Adelaide – ‘Parks, gardens, greenery and nature are vital to the health of all humans, animals, insects, cleaner air to breathe and a beautiful place to live which will benefit everyone :)’

Holly, Glenelg – ‘I am happiest and healthiest when connected with natural elements. It would make Adelaide the best city in the world.’

Roger, Yankalilla – ‘To reduce the concrete and plant more trees and gardens in and around the city to help improve air quality and the lives of all the creatures in Adelaide.’

Susan, Joslin – ‘The natural beauty of this Kaurna land is truly a treasure that should be celebrated and preserved for future generations.’

Milligan, Seaview Downs – ‘Because the people are passionate and connecting with nature [benefits] everyone. We can set a precedent for other cities moving forward.’

Gabrielle, Clovelly Park – ‘Because it makes sense. No-one wants to live in an overheated concrete jungle.’

Megan, Ashgrove – ‘A great step towards future proofing against the challenges of climate change. Plus ‘green zones’ are good for the mental health of society and native animals need them too. So many reasons.’

Mike, Coromandel Valley – ‘I believe there is an innate and genetically determined affinity of human beings with the natural world. A national Park City could result in higher productivity and a greater sense of wellbeing.’

Carrie, Broadview – ‘The Earth needs us to become more nature friendly. We need to relinquish some control back to the Earth. This is a great step towards living in harmony with the Earth.’

Rod, Henley Beach – ‘Adelaide has the chance to be an even healthier and pleasant place to be. There is much more work to be done to preserve, restore and refine our green spaces. We are surrounded by varied natural places that need to be recognised. The beaches, the mangroves, the foothills, the parklands, the waterways and more.’ David, Heathpool ‘I support wholeheartedly making Adelaide a National Park City that is rich with nature, a place where the easier choice is to be better connected with the environment. While many good things are already happening by working together we can make Adelaide a greener, healthier and wilder place to live and have stronger partnerships with Kaurna and other First Nations people.’

Cate, Lockleys – ‘To encourage a much greater focus from all levels of government as well as the wider community on maintaining and ideally, expanding the green space we currently have. Unfortunately we are rapidly losing much suburban green space through thoughtless and rampant urban infill development.’

Sandy, St Mary’s – ‘Critically needed in these times of loss of environment, backyards & climate crisis.’

Elnora, Fairview Park – ‘Because we are perfectly placed in terms of situation between the sea & the hills, our size as a medium sized city with an enviable layout & so much green already, our actions already taken to be a greener city & so much more!!’

Cameron, Pasadena – ‘The opportunity for children to access green spaces near their homes is such a valuable thing! With the ‘small town’ feeling of Adelaide, we have so many amazing locations to explore and adventure, often closer than you think! Let’s bring more awareness to this.’

Amy-Rose, Aldinga – ‘It would be something that we have to be proud of. Natural embrace for wildlife and plants. Clean air, beautiful scenery and places to walk and enjoy this. I think every state should do this.’

David, Daw Park – ‘Adelaide is already unique with it’s amazing parklands and green spaces. Adelaideans thrive on being out in nature along our beaches, in the hills, and throughout our parks and backyards - let’s make it official and tell the world our love and commitment to a city integrated with nature.’

Katie, Bellevue Heights – ‘We have the green space already. We have must preserve what we already have. We can use our green space to encourage tourism, local, national and international. Is there any other way? Is there any other way that we can tell our future generations that we tried? That we tried hard enough?’

Alex, Moana – ‘Creatures need habitat’

Marco, Kingswood – ‘To make it more green and more able to stand up to Climate Change and to entice more wildlife to come and live in our backyards. I’m still only a kid. This is important to me for my future.’

Gabrielle, Adelaide – ‘All our cities need to be national park cities. Adelaide is on the way, let’s make this happen!’

Stephen, Glenelg – ‘The greener we are, the healthier we are, both mentally and physically. And all the species that currently co-exist with us have as much right to life as we have - we can help them survive by greening Adelaide.’

Kathy, Kensington – ‘Adelaide has some of the highest summer temperatures in the country and green spaces filled with trees considerably reduce the urban heat island effect, making it more comfortable for residents. Plants provide emotional and spiritual nourishment and are important for the mental health of residents. Adelaide needs this!’