Miyawaki Mini Forests and Smart Green Networks

Monday 6th June, 10am - 5pm
Small community forest patches are being planted in cities around the world to address the global biodiversity crisis. Many of these have been inspired by a Japanese concept known as the Miyawaki Method of forestry or Miyawaki Miniforests. The Miyawaki Method is an innovative Japanese approach to cultivating biodiverse forests within cities, post-industrial and regional landscapes. The approach has inspired industry leaders, communities, and environmental practitioners to organise and plant forests. This event will share Australian, Japanese, and global expertise on biodiverse urban forestry. Such projects are important for a range of reasons including community cohesion and wellbeing, urban biodiversity, and liveability as well as cleaner agricultural and industrial production, climate mitigation and cooling. The event is hosted by Adelaide University and Kyushu University and is timed to coincide with celebrations for Adelaide’s recent listing as a National Park City.
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