Gazania Free Gardens – City of Marion

Bandon Terrace Reserve, 38 Bandon Terrace, Marino
Saturday 4th June, 9am - 1pm
Do you have gazanias in your coastal garden? Want to replace them with FREE local native plants? Gazanias are a declared weed that harm our natural environment. They commonly 'escape' from gardens as their seeds easily spread, they're dumped in garden waste or are planted illegally. Once established in our coastal environments, they quickly outcompete local native plants and reduce habitat, food and shelter for local wildlife. They are costly to control and take valuable resources away from other important issues. If you're a Marino or Hallett Cove resident, you can help by getting involved in our native plant giveaway!
This program is for Marino and Hallett Cove residents only. Limited native plants are available (limit of 6-7 plants per household applies). Limit of one ticket per household.