A Walk in Wittunga Botanic Garden

Meet at the car park off Shepherds Hill Road, Wittunga Botanic Garden
Tuesday 14th June. 10.30am - 12.00pm
Take a free walk in the Wittunga Botanic Gardens with a volunteer Friends’ Garden Guide. Wittunga meaning ‘beside water’ it was a private home for the Ashby Family who bequeathed it to the Botanic Gardens, who opened it to the public in 1975. This suburban oasis showcases water wise plants from South Africa and Australia. Wittunga is home to a large variety of bird and animal life that are attracted to the flora. Recent additions include a nature play space, a lake beach area and viewing platforms.
Bookings essential. Please email friendsabg@internode.on.net or contact Stephanie on 8222 9367.